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Laryngectomy is not a Tragedy - Second Edition

By Sydney Norgate and Dr Nicola Oswald MBChB

ISBN 978-0-9513091-1-7

Forward by L F W Salmon Past President of the British Association of Otolaryngologists

Laryngectomy is not a Tragedy - Second edition

This book has provided help and encouragement to many Laryngectomy patients and their families since it was first published in 1984. The new edition published in 2013 will enable even more patients and their families to benefit. It has been updated by Sydney's granddaughter Dr Nicola Oswald with details about speech methods, lifestyle advice and information about future developments.

It is full of practical advice and information, as well as reassurance. Sydney Norgate who wrote the first edition had his larynx removed in 1979 and, therefore, wrote from personal experience of the day-to-day problems caused by loss of normal speech. He describes his method of learning substitute speech. His style is straightforward and humorous and the book has cartoon illustrations to help the patient along the journey to recovery. The latest edition retains his original text exactly as he wrote it.

Now updated with the latest information on current speech methods and future developments, the book promises to be an even more valuable source of advice and inspiration to all those facing or recuperating from the operation.

Speaking about the updates, Dr Nicola Oswald MBChB, said: "The prospect of losing the power of speech can be just as daunting as fighting cancer, this book now includes the latest information about speech methods to help and support those learning to speak again, as well as their families and health professionals."

If you would like a free copy of Laryngectomy is not a tragedy Second Edition please send a C5 self addressed envelope with a 1st class and a 2nd class stamp on it to CLT PO Box 618, Halifax HX3 8WX. Health professionals who require multiple copies of the book are requested to e-mail with their requirements.

Alternatively you can download a copy of the book here: Laryngectomy is not a Tragedy - Second Edition

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